Oh So Sweet Mofongo


We are always going to the local food truck for some mofongo, and lately it has been a lot on our bellys and wallet; so we decided to dine in. This was my first time making mofongo and I was a little nervous. It takes for ever to hand mince 6 garlic gloves so I’d suggest getting some premade or if u have a blender or bullet, it’s great for time. My boyfriends only problem with the food truck is it is always dry. The cup of liquid in the mofongo was the perfect touch. Being that I used sweet plantains instead of green the texture was different. At first it threw me off, but after a few critics telling me how good it was i reconsidered. I guess we really are our worst critic. Go try some mofongo because it’s amazing ! 


🔹 2 sweet plantains 

🔹 2 cup of olive oil 

🔹 6 fresh garlic cloves minced 

🔹 2 TBS of olive oil 

🔹 4 cups stock/liquid 

🔹 S&P TT 

🔹 Two oz of white rice

🔹1 can organic lentil beans 

🔹 seasoning 

🔹 teriyaki pineapple sausage 

🔹 1/2 onion diced 



  1. Mince 6 cloves of garlic , dice the onion and sausage , peel and slice plantains about 1 inch. 
  2. Place the garlic in a large bowl and pour in 2 TBS of oil 
  3. Bring to a boil , 4 cups of water and seasoning and cook the rice for 10 mins. 
  4. While the water is heating up, Heat 2 cups of olive oil in a pan.
  5. Place half of the plantains in the pan at a time and cook for 7 minutes on high, they should be about golden brown. Once finished place on a paper towel to soak access oil. 
  6. Drain rice and keep 1 cup of liquid 
  7. Pour the can of beans in the pot the rice was in and cook for 3-5 minutes on medium. 
  8. Place the sausage and onions in the pan and Sauté until the onions are transparent.
  9. Put the cooked plantains in the bowl with the garlic and mash together 
  10. Drain the beans and place rice back in the pot an mix together. Add seasoning 
  11. Add 1 cup of liquid to the plantains for moister. 
  12. Plate the rice and shape the mofongo in a ball around the sausage and onions.
  13. You can add Hot sauce, celontro, etc. 



Foodie Friday: Top 5 Recipe Books

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It’s shaping up to be a rather chilly weekend here in Christchurch. I was planning on having a nice meal out with the BF, but I think instead we’re opting for a home cooked dinner in front of the fire instead. It got me riffling through my recipe books

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Clear Water, Florida 

Clear Water,Florida 
So you all are learning about me that I am not a tech person. With each day that passes I am learning new things about the Internet and social media.I am learning how to look around WordPress as well. I would love nothing more then feed back to know that someone is reading this 🙂 This being said, I am sorry I disappear for a little. I have brought a story for you though ! 
Last weekend, my boyfriend and I drove out to Clear Water. I currently live in Orlando so that is about a two hour drive west. This is our second time being there and we love finding little places to eat. Cheap prices just happens to be a big bonus! There are two reasons I love ClearWater, Florida :
1. Seriously, super cheap. 
Your basic burger and fries are going to be over priced on the beach; Nothing has changed there. Although, Just a short walk off the shore and pizza is going for $1 a slice. 
2. It is a closer version of key west. 
Key west is about an 8 hour drive from orlando. Although we have done it, it sure is not easy while working six days a week. Clear water is two hours as I stated earlier. That makes it easy to go Saturday after work at 5pm and be back Monday by 9am. The water is just as clear as key west, and the gulf is the perfect sea. It has calm waves and warm water. 


Along our morning walk we came across a small restaurant called Kevin’s Kitchen. My fathers name was Kevin so by blood I was drawn in. The owner was very friendly and the service was great! Actually the girl working the counter was the same girl from the pizza shop during our last visit. While my boyfriend stuck with basic breakfast food; I of course ventured out and got a burger. The french fries are what won me. I am a fry addict! then again, who isn’t ?

Everything was great; My only critic would be that the cheese could have been melted. I am a critic for sure to, so that is pretty good 👌 The food was so good even the birds from outside knew about it. The entire time we were eating two birds were walking back and forth outside the front door. They were not shy to peak in either. So me, being the person I am, grabbed some lettuce and walked outside. Im sure Kevin would not like people feeding them; since that only leads them to comeback. They were just so cute ! So I had to do it 🙂 the bird walked right up to me and took the lettuce out of my hand. Let’s face it, people had to of done it before with how comfortable they were. 

Like aways, we had an amazing time during our trip and we look forward to going back soon. 🙂
If you live in clear water tell me other great things and restaurants that we can visit. And hey if you do not live in clear water, still tell me about your town. Who says we can’t go there? 🙂 

Rice and Pulled Pork Burito 

  With a great party comes great food, with even greater left overs.  Congratulations to my dear friend Jessica for graduating high school ! Her aunt Lou cooks bomb ass meals and blesses me every time I walk through the door. 


• Rice and beans 


• capers 

•pulled pork

• 1 can of organic corn

• 1/2 onion diced 

• 1/4 head of lettuce sliced 

• 1 tomatoe diced 

• 4 tortellias 

• 2 oz olive oil 

• 1 oz butter 

• salsa 


  1. Wash tomato and lettuce 
  2. Heat 1/2 the oil in a pan
  3. Re fry pulled pork
  4. Open can of corn and pour carefully into a pot on medium heat
  5. Splash water on the rice for best results and add it to the pan
  6. Add your butter and let melt over the rice 
  7. Stir occasionally 
  8. Once fully heated, remove from pan
  9. Add the rest of the oil to the pan and heat up the onions until translucent 
  10. Dice the tomato and slice the lettuce 
  11. Mix the meat back into the pan
  12. Drain corn and add it to the pan
  13. Stir together 
  14. Plate and serve

I found some taco shells and my  Burito turned into a salad. 

   Find me on Instagram @Chefboyrhealy 

I’d love for comments and suggestions ! 

Vegetable Soup 


• 1 oz of bow tie pasta 

• 2 cups of water 

• 1 can organic vegetables 

• 3 Frozen Tostones 

• T veg. Stock paste 

• S&P, oregano, hot chili powder, garlic 

1. Turn deep fryer to 375 degrees 

2. Bring water and veggie stock to a boil

3. Add Pasta to the pot of boiling water and lower the temp.

4. Drain the can of veggies and add to the pasta once tender 

5. Season 

6. Carefully put the Tostones in the deep fryer.

Check in 3 mins, they will float when ready. 

7. Plate and serve