Tomato & Mozzarella Caprese de Old Chicago 

Welp guys and gals here it is!

My first unsatisfied blog. For those of you who 
know me, you will be surprised to hear this is my first. Now that I am on the road I have the time to get things going. Once I get a place, I will get settled and can start my YouTube series! I am currently in Colorado and the other night we went out to eat at the Old Chicago in Loveland. This was my first time eating here and everything looked great. Unfortunately I was not allll that hungry so I decided to order mozzarella and tomatoes with basil and chicken. Now, you can not really go wrong with this dish. Slice tomatoes, mozzarella, and grill some chicken. 

Here is a photo of my dinner.

Aside from the bent mozzarella everything looks okay here. This happens to be the 5th time since getting ready to leave florida that someone has served me the top of a red tomato. You know, the part where it is still white and green up into the skin being red! Most of the time it has been on a burger or another dish were it is hidden. When you have a tomato as the main ingredient you best make sure your serving the juicy middle slices. I Mean, they should have done that for presentation alone. Presentation Ill give them a B. It was a nice attempt.. But it is to oily, the balsamic was sloppy, and they cleverly hide every tomato. The olives were a nice touch, and I love basil.Basically this could have been such a simple amazing dish. Maybe if they didn’t false advisories I would not have felt the need to write. 

Here is the menu. 


You are reading correctly, Thick slices of mozzarella and ripe tomatoes. Now when you look at that picture, do you see as the menu describes?  You can see just how thick the mozzarella is. Even Taco Bell makes their taco look just like the advertisement. Speaking of taco bell, if you have not tried Mc Donald’s new Artesian chicken sandwich, You have to! It puts this chicken to shame. Yes I said it. I brought up Mc Donald’s in a Old Chicago review, so you know something wrong. Overall I might eat there again. Next time maybe I would get a hero or pizza. Being a cook, I am an understanding customer. My boyfriend liked his calzone and the cheese cake was wonderful !!! Puertorican blood means I crave sweets night and day. It’s been awhile since I had a good cheese cake and i have  been waiting for one in particular.  

 Sooo better dressed then my last meal! I am glad I stuck through and got it so I have at least one good thing to say. The Strawberries were fresh and the gram cracker was just right! Since December I have been craving a specific strawberry cheese cake. After 3 let me down I stoped my search. I am confident to say this is it! 


Do not let my food photography skills get in the way of your judgment. I fixed this up a bit just to get a decent photo. I am actually sitting here laughing with myself looking at the chicken and remember it’s flavorless taste. I remember seeing this on a show. I cannot remember the name, if someone knows what I am talking about comment below! I feel like it might be Zach and Cody. A food critic was coming in the restaurant and everyone was suppose to look out for him. They thought it was one guy ordering every big steak off the menu; so they were treating him very highly. At the end it turned out; the guy they were ignoring with the smallest order, was the real critic. I realized critics really do go in for the smallest thing.