ChefboyRhealy On The Beach 

So everyone ! Today is the day! I quit my job today and we decided to drive south to the beaches one las time before our big trip. For those who do not know, we are heading out west. I am asking you please comment below your favorite places around the U.S. We want to go there too and check it out! We will be grilling and chefboying it up along this drive. Tell me about your state and home food. I want to make it all. Expect me to go Mia for a little while but I swear I’ll make as many posts as possible ! Stay tuned for our exciting journey ! 

I leave you with this !

We are just north of Jupiter beach at the bath tube reef. This place is beautiful and as I type, we are parked in the middle of a storm ! I am going to miss the tropical weather for sure. Everyone so far has been very friendly and welcoming. The talk of the town was on the thousands of sea hares that Wash to the shore. This happens only a few times over the year. They are not harmful, so you can still go in the water. Once you pass the break it clears up. We swam and touched them like sting rays. For food we grilled rice , beans , and beef our first night. The next morning called for eggs and toast. Then we finished off the night with hot dogs and French fries. 
Please bore me with your stories !! I want to hear from everyone who passes this post ūüôā