Pineapple Pasta !! 

🔹1/2 box of pasta

🔹3 cups of water

🔹TBS of vegetable paste

🔹 1 cup pineapple Juice 

🔹 Pepper, chili pepper, salt, Parmesan cheese 

🔹Squirt of lemon juice 

🔹3 pineapples 
1. Bring 3 cups of water and vegetable paste to a boil 

2. Break pasta and add it to the pot.

3. Once the water starts reducing, add the pineapple juice and seasoning. 

4. Let it cook for a good two minutes

5. The pasta should be soft, and the liquid should be thin, like a sauce.

6. A Squirt of lemon juice will season it up 

7. Plate

8. Season 

9. Serve